Top Interior Design Small Bathroom Trends You Should Replicate!


A small bathroom may seem like a curse, and unless you’re fortunate enough to have enough square footage to knock out a wall, you need to make do with what you have. A few clever interior design small bathroom or reformas zaragoza ideas is all it takes to create the illusion of space while still giving your bathroom a modern look. In fact, a simple re-design can add value to your home and entice buyers to make an offer should you look to sell.

Install An Oval Sink

You need all of the counter space that you can get and instead of dedicating your entire bathroom to a vanity, choose a small oval sink. Not only are these sinks very trendy right now, but they help maximize the amount of space you have for your toiletries on the counter.

Towel Bars Are A Must

You need a place to put your towels, so a towel bar is a must in your bathroom. If you have high ceilings or plenty of wall space, try installing two towel bars next to each other. They add great interest to your wall, and if you have stylish towels, all the more reason to go ahead and display them. Another way you can incorporate towel storage into your design is by choosing to create a washstand featuring metal piping. Not only is this design modern, but it allows you to hang plenty of towels.

Use Natural Lighting

As important it is to have privacy, you also need plenty of natural light streaming through your windows. Interior design small bathrooms done smartly means that you use light as a way to increase the illusion of space. Without windows or light, your small bathroom is bound to look dingy.

Frameless Showers

A small space definitely doesn’t benefit from a bathtub. In fact, smart interior design calls for showers, just make sure that the shower screen is frameless. The clear glass and fancy tiling can make the bathroom flow together and appear more spacious than it technically is. Not to mention, a frameless shower is easier to clean and extremely sleek!

Add Enough Storage

You need enough storage to put all of your things away, but with small bathrooms, this can be a bit of a struggle. Opt for a vanity that has storage space underneath and install modern shelving throughout your bathroom. For a modern yet cozy look, try adding shelves made from reclaimed wood and use baskets to hide the clutter.

Use Many Mirrors

You need enough mirrors in your bathroom to refract light and to give your bathroom the appearance of being large. One large mirror is a good start, but by placing several mirrors throughout, you can be totally design savvy.

Designing a small bathroom may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t. You need to evaluate your own needs and figure out a way to incorporate everything into your design. In these cases, a bit of imagination goes a long way!